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You're In the Spotlight

An opportunity to use your imagination and build life skills while you learn more about the theatre and what goes on behind the curtain.  Join us for one of our drama camps or enjoy more personalized instruction in Readers' Theatre.  Check back on our Coming Attractions page to learn more.


Broadway Kidz 

Join us on Tuesdays as RPAC presents 'Twas the Opening Night Before Christmas.  It’s Christmas Eve at the church and the pageant must go on in one hour.  Even as parishioners are lining up at the door, the players aren’t prepared, the producer’s big plans are over budget, the directors are engaged in a power struggle, the chorus keeps clucking away, and all the while the pastor’s hopes to raise funds to help the homeless hang on a wing and a prayer.  At a time when holiday spirits are meant to shine like the star of Bethlehem, the pageant cast and crew are showing as much kindness and composure as the angry, off-stage donkey being provoked by an incompetent — and overpaid — wannabe animal handler.  Will the show fly in time?  Or will it be left grounded like the wingless angel who wants only to reach for the stars?  Just when it seems like peace on Earth and goodwill is way, faraway in another manger, the wise words of the worried pastor — and maybe just a hint of divine intervention — help set things straight in this absurd one-act chock-full of stage humor and lessons about what happens when we forget the true reason for the season.

In addition to the play, kids will be hands on in directing the show, channel their inner characters as they select and perform monologues, develop improvisational skills, play acting games, and work through characterization and auditioning techniques.  Kids also develop their acting skills using voice, body, hands and imagination and showcase their talents with performances in December.  Check out our website for more details.  See you on Stage! 

Open to grades 3-12.  Students should be ready to use their imagination and be creative! 

See you on stage! 
Class Schedule:  Tuesdays | 6:00-7:00pm 

Theatre Camps
For the aspiring actor or actress who's ready to experience musical theatre!  From auditions to rehearsals to the stage, children of all ages are given a unique opportunity to shine under the spotlight.  They will learn valuable lessons in listening and collaboration, how working together and supporting one another makes everyone better.  Click here for a sneak peek at some of our favorite productions.

Why Musical Theatre?

Musical theatre offers many development opportunities (besides being fun!).  It is a great introduction to basic performing arts (music and dance), integrates visual arts (set creations, props and costumes), and helps performers continue to develop language skills through rehearsing and performing dialogue.  At RPAC, we believe EVERY CHILD'S CONTRIBUTION IS IMPORTANT.  From the ensemble to the lights to the lead role, every child plays an integral part of the show's success.  Not only does a musical invite collaboration toward a common goal, it becomes a creative community of good listeners and future leaders - who stand hand in hand at curtain call and share the applause they've earned in working together

How it all began

The Theatre Camps started with elementary school students participating in an after school program with a sixth grade teacher - Jeff Reed.  Whitney Reed began working with the group on choreography when some of her dance students became part of one of the productions.  The camps have outgrown the school district and now include children from schools in the Lee's Summit, Blue Springs and the greater Kansas City area from the 1st grade to high school level!  The attendance for each production has grown from over a hundred per night to nearly 300 per night for many performances.  Jeff continues to teach at the elementary school level when not producing great shows!