R - respect P - passion A - attitude C - confidence

I just wanted to say thank you for the drive and ambition you put in to your theatre program. We are having a Christmas play at our church and Olivia snagged one of the lead roles.  She tried out for a smaller role, but with her knowledge of auditions and stage presence and positioning they felt she would do well in the bigger role. But I just wanted to say thank you. 

- Jackie Schelp

She was literally skipping out of the building and was beyond excited!  Reagan has been asking for several months to find some kind of acting class and I happened to find RPAC through a friend.  She shared the details of the exercises you took them through and she can't wait for next Tuesday.  Reagan has always been a kiddo who likes to try new things, but she has such a sincere interest in this and truly lit up inside.  As you can see, we're thrilled about your program.
- Lindsay Brett

I had no idea how much it would also accelerate Hazel's reading. Once she started reading the script and the music, the appetite and patience to read other things took off as well. What an invaluable side effect!
- Beth Schwope

Thank you again! Emma is so excited and was impressed with how friendly everyone was. On the way home she shared, "Mom, in improv at theatre class we can pretend to be a pig that can fly with a unicorn horn and no one thinks your weird." Thank you again!
- Sarah Coats

She is loving RPAC! I really feel like I'm seeing her motivated for the first time in a long time. I'm so thankful to you and all her teachers.  She looks up to you all so much. All I've ever wanted is to see her work hard enough that she could be proud of herself and my heart is full by witnessing that this year.
- August Harrison

What an awesome Elf performance last night! We were impressed and entertained! The children (and directors) did an outstanding job!! Can't wait to see it again tonight!

- Julie Ravasini

Thank you so much Mr. Reed for such a wonderful, fabulous and exciting play/musical!!! Jojo really enjoyed and loved being a part of this show!!! She will definitely be in the next play Annie!!!
- Michelle Duckworth

Thanks for another wonderful experience. You provide an environment for so many young children to participate and for the parents to experience joy through. I look forward to the next production where I can watch my daughters and all you teach.
- Steven Gher

My daughter, Madisyn, has just started this season and it has been the best decision ever! The teachers are great. Professional, yet loving! She has already learned so much! I can't wait to see what the future holds!
- Christie Lindsay Robinette

I started my four year old in dance here about a month ago and she LOVES it. Highly recommend RPAC to families.
- Holli Ann

I love what this Company is doing with our kids and the community. My son loves being a part of this awesome environment and around so many talented kids. Thank you for all you have done with and for my son. Keep doing what you all do.  GREATNESS.....
- Treva Sturdivant

Whitney and Jeff are both educators and have a natural ability with kids of all ages. They truly inspire kids to be the best they can be. I know amazing things come from the kids they work with.
- Tricia Rae

An amazing experience for ALL types of kids with excellent instructors who bring out the best in the children's performance while they have fun and grow in their skills. What they learn and do will help them in so many areas of their lives for the rest of their lives. My three have been in several high quality productions and look forward to more. The instructors are excellent!
- Joycelyn Tucker Burgo

I have performed in all ten shows with the company, and the program has taught me so many new skills and techniques to further my acting career. I am so grateful for the opportunity to perform with this wonderful company, and I look forward to more in the future!
- Caleb Ellis

I wanted to follow up and tell you again how much Charlotte enjoyed The AristoCats.  She is in 1st grade and this was her first experience in a show and she loved it. Thank you for making such a good experience for her- and producing an enjoyable show 

(still can't get some of those songs out of my head).

- Tim Racer

Thank you for all the work you put into these kiddos. Rory is becoming so confident and it is so wonderful to see.

- Laura Finch

Hi Jeff! First of all, I want to thank you for doing what you do! Hayden ended up having fun and a great experience!

- Brad Klaassen

Five stars!
- Shelly Fields Ault

Five stars!
- Jacquie Varner

Five stars!
- Marsha Brown Roth

Five stars!
- Robyn DeMier Lilly

Five stars!
- Olivia Lilly


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