RPAC Dance Company


 Being part of our award-winning program requires a full year commitment.  Placement onto the competition team will be based first on interest. Auditions will be held for the team for those interested in joining. Dancers and their family need to be able to make a commitment from September through the national competition in the summer.  We encourage dancers to be well rounded and participate in other activities, but expect that dance is their top priority since it affects the team as a whole when dancers miss class.

The RPAC Competition Team will be participating in three to four regional dance competitions and one nationals. All students may also be asked to participate in one dance convention and additional master classes. All events will be in the Kansas City and surrounding areas  with the exception of the national competition in the summer.  

Routine Requirements

 Each competition level dancer will compete three routines. A major difference for competition dancers from recreational dancers is the purchase of one costume per routine.  Specific shoes will be required for each costume, however these shoes can also serve as practice and class shoes. Competition routines will also serve as recital routines. Dancers can then choose to participate in additional routines that can include: small groups, trios, duets, and solos. All additional routine requests will go through the studio owner and teachers. Additional routines are based on what is best for each individual dancers. Not all requests may be granted. 

Schedule | Class Requirements

 Our competition team is currently divided into groups using a number of factors. Not all decisions are based solely on age. Our first priority is to do what is best for the whole team. Each year the groups may change depending on the addition of new dancers.

Our competition team is required to take tap, jazz, and ballet.  They will then have competition rehearsals  that are also required. We offer additional optional classes that competition students are encouraged to participate in, but are not required. Privates are additional and scheduled depending on solo, duet, trio, style and instructors.  

RPAC Focus

 We believe in a close family atmosphere that encourages all dancers and promotes positivity in learning.  We strive to push each dancer to maximize their potential.  RPAC believes in setting high expectations and maintaining a positive environment for learning and fun. We want our dancers to be positive role models in and out of the studio. Reed Performing Arts Company does everything with the best interest of our students in mind. “What is best for kids?” is our guiding question. We ask that our dancers and their families join us in obtaining our goal of always doing what is best for our kids.  

Mission | Vision Statement

 Providing quality dance training at all levels of participation is the goal of Reed Performing Arts Company. Participation on a competition dance team is the next step in providing training for those dance students wanting to experience this level of commitment. At RPAC, we Aspire to Inspire young dancers to be the best they can be on and off the dance floor. 

Thank you ....

 .... for your interest in RPAC's Dance Company!  We had a breakout year in 2015, were named "National Studio of the Year" at Panama City Nationals in 2016, and we're working even harder to continue a great tradition of doing our personal best.  In 2018, RPAC was named the  "ADCC Studio of Excellence" at StarQuest Nationals in Galveston, Texas.  Our award-winning competition team is a fantastic way for your child to explore his/her love of dance, greatly improve his/her skills and make new friends!  We are proud of our teachers and students, and hope that you will soon become part of our dance competition family! 


 If you are interested in joining our award-winning competition team, please email Whitney at rpacstudio@gmail.com. 

Reed Performing Arts Company's competitive team is designed for the dancer who would like to take that next step from a recreational dancer to a competitive dancer. It provides extensive training in all areas, styles, and techniques of dance to nurture the aspiring performer. The goal of RPAC is to “aspire to inspire” dancers of all ages to become successful and confident; using dance as a teaching tool for lifelong lessons.